Weight Loss in Javea

Weight Loss Treatments in Javea

Weight loss program in javea
at Zen !

Weight loss in Javea at Zen smile medical Clinic are committed to helping people achieve and maintain weight loss success, while improving their lives.

We offer a program designed to help you meet your goals and find your healthy weight. Let us help you find the program that's right for you!

We can treat weight loss with cryotherapy, hifu body ,pressotherapy and of course an addition a diet plan to have quickest results.

But first let´s talk about cryolipolysis!

Let’s discuss the benefits of cryotherapy for weight loss, whether you can expect any side effects, and how it stacks up against Cool body Sculpting.
Cryotherapy has become popular because of its ability to freezes fat cells throughout the body and kills them off. This causes them to be filtered out of the body by your liver and permanently removed from.

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we also treat weight loss with ultrasound HIFU Body sculpting.

HIFU for fat

Destroy fat cells + tighten the skin ...
Body sculpting HIFU is another modality used to target stubborn fat through focused ultrasonic waves, to destroy the subcutaneous fat tissue. It allows for treatments of specific targeted areas and has also no downtime.

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Weight Loss in Javea

Weight Loss Treatments in Javea

Emslim Neo,  Less Fat More Muscle, EMSCULPT NEO

Emslim Neo in javea