Thread Vein And Age Spot Removal

Facial thread veins can be treated using IPL. Men and women are regularly treated for thread veins which commonly appear on the cheeks and nose area.

treat thread Veins And Spots
with IPL

Thread vein laser treatment normally requires 3-5 sessions and the treatment takes approximately 45mins in total. Benefits of facial thread vein removal:

  • Painless
  • No down time
  • Improves  skin color, texture, tone
  • Produces a fresher, healthier and brighter appearance

Age Spot Removal

Excess and haphazard melanin production in the dermis and epidermis of the skin is also the cause of age spots. IPL works as the darker pigment spots absorb the energy emitted by the IPL, where the lighter skin remains cold.
The intense heat breaks up the melanin particles which are later exfoliated naturally from the skins surface layer.

At Zen Smile Spa we use a system of intense pulse light combined with chemical peels and other treatment modalities to treat sun damage , age spots and stimulate collagen formation using these combination therapies.
This is why at Zen Smile Spa IPL is a Little different and produces fantastic results that will be sure to leave your skin blemish free and looking fresher and healthier.

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Thread Vein

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Thread Vein And Age Spot Removal

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