Facial Mesotherapy and microneedling IN JAVEA

Mésothérapie à Javea

Facial mesotherapy is the use of several small vitamin injections placed in strategic regions of the face which stimulate skin renewal, improving its moisture, elasticity and resilience thus appearing visibly heathier, refreshed and more toned.

MICRONEEDLING  involves painless microinjections (around 450 per minute )to the area to be treated.This method stimulates the skin which in turn produces collagen which then reduces the appearance of wrinkles.Microneedling simultaneously injecting hyaluronic acid and stimulating anti aging ingredients are the most effective way to treat acne scarring and chicken pox scars.

  The most common areas treated are fine lines around the mouth and cheeks,where filler can give a swollen appearance wheras progressive microneedling sessions with hyaluronic acid and anti aging ingredients give a very natural fresh faced appearance. "visibly heathier, refreshed and more toned"

Hydrating Mesotherapy with profhilo

Profhilo is a non cross linked hyaluronic acid which is unique in its kind that it stimulates the production of collagen, penetrates deep into the skin’s layers and spreads out evenly. This means there are no risks of the product being visible and because of  its’ composition, the results last for a prolonged period of time.

Infiltrations of Profhilo hyaluronic acid found naturally in our body are placed using a very fine needle for face, neck, chest and hands.  The product will disperse gradually throughout the treated area and gives a very natural fresh appearance,erradicating fine lines and that crepey skin we so hate.

PROFHILO can be administered also with just 5 point injection sites in the face .it disperses and achieves an overall rejuvenation of the face.
Only 2 treatments are required 1 month apart.

Anti Cellulite Mesotherapy

Mésothérapie à Javea

ANTI-CELLULITE MESOTHERAPY Is a painless intra dermal injection technique, it is used to treat cellulite and localized fat. Painless micro injections are performed on the area to be treated.The product injected contains vitamins and plant extracts to stimulate lymphatic drainage and toxin elimination responsible for cellulite as well as hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and improve its orange peel appearance. 

A fantastic treatment to combine with body radiofrequency and pressotherapy.

Hair Loss Treatment WITH  "DR. CYJ HAIR FILLER".


Alopecia (hair loss) affects men and women although the causes in each gender are different it is embarrassing for both.

Dr. CYJ is a treatment which invokes injecting hyaluronic acid and active ingredients, into the dermis of the skin below the epidermis (outside layer), to prevent hair loss, strengthen hair follicles and promote new growth.
Dr CYJ is the number one most effective treatment.
Diffuse alopecia lotions and vitamins alone can not reach the follicles directly. Until recently doctors would inject the poorly dense area of the scalp to achieve results but the disadvantage was that it was extremely painful.

With the latest automated device U225 injector the scalp can be injected up to 450 times per minute with absolutely NO PAIN whatsoever. This is fantastic news for men who do not do pain!! A cocktail of vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and mineral salts is injected into the scalp at 2 week intervals in a 30 minute appointment over a period of 12 weeks.

At 12 weeks, healthy hair follicles have been reactived and even in weakened follicles and those at cell death stage, the hair formation process starts to recur. Thus over 12 weeks fragility of the hair is decreased leading to increased density and diameter of the hair and new hairs appear leading to a fuller, healthier head of hair.

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