Aesthetic treatments for men in Javea

what do men look for?
to feel strong, confident,determined.


While women are the main demographic for anti aging treatments, contemporary and successful men are paying more attention to their looks.

They do not seek perfection but want to restore or preserve a youthful and vital appearance.

Men want immediate and visible results, with maintenance of the utmost discretion.

Injection is a medical procedure that requires significant experience, artistry, knowledge and precision.

the male face

Men are often scared of facial treatments for fear of being feminised.

Men’s complaints are:
  • Winkles and skin blemishes
  • Dark circles and hollows under the eyes
  • Sunken cheekbones – replenishing these will give a man a more chisled and youthful appearance
  • Chin and jaw line remodelling of a weak jaw line and or a receeding chin will give a man a more masculine feel
Dr Carolyn Carbasse treats a man’s face from a different angle altogether in order to enhance the masculine features

Sharp well defined jaw angles and a strong, square shaped chin can help enhance the strength of a man’s profile.

Improvement of nose deformities e.g. Curved nose, droopy tip, prominent hump or post traumatic defects can be carried out with a liquid rhinoplasty in just 30 mins.



Dull or dry skin due to fatigue, stress, a hectic lifestyle, pollution and temperature changes can leave skin looking lack lustre.

Micro injections via mesotherapy over a number of sessions will restore skin to its’ former vitality and natural radiance.

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Aesthetic treatments for men

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Aesthetic treatments for men in Javea

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