Diet and detox

Diet And Detox in javea

Diet and detox

Perte de poids

Before starting any diet, it is essential to carry out a complete body assessment with an experienced doctor or nutritionist.

At Zen Smile Spa, our health care professional will take into account your qualms and fears and formulate a diet or detox programme to suit your needs and your body’s requirements. The aim is to create a health plan that will improve your lifestyle and break bad habits.  This new way of thinking and behaving is guaranteed to produce a healther happier you, helping to see food differently and in turn will increase longevity.



How does it work?

At the first consultation, a complete medical history examination is performed.  An initial weigh in and measurements are taken.  Once a dietary history has been established , a blood test and any additional analyses are also carried out. Once all the information has been collected, our doctor will formulate your personal diet plan and guide you every step of the way towards a healthier and longer life.


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