Most people are aware of fillers and botox to rejuvenate the face but what happens to the crepy neck or double chin? Can anything be done without surgery, with no downtime?

The answer is yes, over recent years studies have enabled doctors to develop an array of treatments for the neck that can vastly restore its appearance without resorting to the knife.

1. After 50 the jowls and the neck tend to mould into one due to lack of elasticity in the skin, a displacement of fat in the cheeks and also a lack of support in the face and neck due to depleted collagen to plump out the skin. Ultherapy is high intense focused ultrasound which when applied correctly at the appropriate depths below the skin contracts the skin and increases the deposition of collagen in the neck and upper face thus tensing the neck and face and redefining the sharp jaw line.
2. Specific fillers for the neck will treat the horizontal wrinkles making them vanish and giving the neck a rejuvenated smooth appearance.
3. Vertical neck bands – visible muscles in the neck which pull down jowls and cause the neck to hang can be treated with botox which relaxes the muscles in the neck to give a Nefertiti neck lift i.e a smooth, straight, tight neck.
4. Coolsculpting – catching one’s reflection in the mirror or on a spur of the moment photo and seeing that double chin is a man and woman’s worst nightmare.
For men, a loss of a manly strong jaw signifies a loss of youth and testosterone.
For women, they feel that whereas a fat bottom, tummy or hips can be hidden, a double chin is there for all to see.
For men and women a double chin leads to a lack of self confidence. Luckily by freezing the fat at less than -8ºC the fat cells die and 20-30% of the fat is frozen away for ever in just one session. This can be repeated every 2-3 months until the double chin has disappeared.
5. Radiofrequency can help to produce a smoother less scrawny neck by heating
the skin which will lead to a little deposition of collagen. Several sessions are required to achieve great results. So if you are unhappy with your jawline or hate the luck of your neck in 2017 there are plenty of options out there which can be combined to give you a neck that doesn’t give away your age. Alternatively you could always wear a roll neck or a scarf but that Spanish heat does make it a little difficult!!
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