Self conscious about your profile view?

Self conscious about your profile view?

Do you lift your chin up in photos hoping to hide a jowly jawline and wrinkly neck?

If you are looking for a non surgical way to turn back the clock, then this year’s fastest growing anti aging treatment could be the answer.


The new latest generation Aptos threads are an easy way to smooth wrinkles and tighten sagging skin in the face and neck without going under the knife.  We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of enquiries about new generation thread lifts and it’s estimated to be the biggest cosmetic treatment this year.

The procedure involves inserting threads into the skin which are pulled tight, lifting the skin and underlying muscle to create a tighter, smoother and jowl free complexion.

As the threads dissolve naturally, the skin starts to produce more collagen and elastin which gives a longer lasting result. The threads are inserted through a tiny incision in the skin so there is no scarring after treatment.

So don’t let those imperfections get you down, we can work miracles at Zen Smile Spa.

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