Hate those flabby parts!

Hate those flabby parts!

The warm weather is under way and you’ve got the summer wardrobe out .Only thing is ,a winter of comfort food has left those arms and tummy flabby and you are feeling more than just a little self conscious.
The good news is that if it isn’t shifting with a diet, you don’t have to get depressed ,we can freeze away the stubborn fat in 3 weeks and tense up the flabby skin with HIFU so that in 1 month’s time you will be wanting to show off that strappy dress or even that bikini.

Quick Recap:
Medical Coolbodysculpting freezes stubborn fat (which doesn’t shift through dieting) to between -8 and -13 degrees which causes the fat cells to die off and be eliminated in the urine over the next 3 weeks. Visible loss in cms occurs and continues for up to 3 months.

Body HIFU uses high intensity focused ultrasound which heats the fat at 11 mm beneath the skin to 70 degrees effectively breaking down superficial cellulite which is eliminated in the urine over the next 3 weeks up to 3months.
We also use the 3mm ,1,5mn and 4mm HIFU machine in the same session which tenses the skin by producing collagen which gets rid of the creepy sagging skin on the tummy ,the arms inside legs and even your knees!

So don’t let those flabby bits get you down. Come and see us at Zen Smile Spa where we have all the equipment available to help you banish them with no pain ,no downtime ,and no surgery.

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