(English) Don’t let age change you…change the way you age!

(English) Don’t let age change you…change the way you age!

There is no doubt that Botox and filler are the crème de la crème of anti aging treatments but the skin is not just about volumes and filling wrinkles. Skin tone, texture and flaccidity are just as important and can be addressed effectively with these wonderful medical aesthetic treatments.

1) ND Yag laser has a double effect. Firstly used to treat stubborn thread veins that cannot be treated by IPL and secondly as a collagen stimulator to tense the skin to leave it taut and rejuvenated. From 200€ per session.

2) HIFU is High intensity ultrasound (ultherapy) which uses ultrasound to stimulate the SMAS layers of the skin. It is performed at 1,5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm beneath the skin which stimulates collagen production at these depths thus stretching and tensing the skin over these layers. The only needle free non surgical facelift. Can be performed on eyebrows, top lip, cheeks and neck. Results visible from 6 weeks and carry on improving up to 3 months after the treatment. To be repeated every year as we carry on aging. From 160€ – 200€ for eyes and from 320€ – 390€ for cheeks or neck.

3) IPL. Intense pulsed light treatment at medical intensity levels removes red thread veins as well as age spots leaving skin uniform and results are visible only after 1 session. 4 sessions during the winter months for maximum results and then repeated once a year as a maintenance regime. From 100€ per session.

4) Medical Microdermabrasion. This consists of exfoliating the upper epidermis with a diamond tip and a high vacuum suction which remove black heads and dead skin cells leaving the skin silky smooth and ultra clean and spot free resolving both greasy and dry skin problems. To be performed every 6 weeks together with a concentrated serum specific to each person’s skin applied to the newly treated skin to achieve maximum absorbtion and to saturate the skin with anti-oxidants. From 70€ per session

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