After a summer of sun, our skin becomes dry and luck lustre. UVA radiation gives rise to crepey skin on our cheeks and neck and folds and wrinkles become more pronounced due to lack of hydration. Not to mention hyper-pigmentation and age spots on our faces, chests and hands. This, combined with natural aging factors such as lower oestrogen levels after age 35 and depletion of collagen in the skin, create wrinkles that become like scars.

October is the best time of year to start treating the skin.

1 – The skin must be assessed by a specialist to determine the depth of the pigmentation and skin damage that has occurred. The appropriate treatment to brighten your skin will be decided.

2 – Peels The depth of the skin peel will be chosen will depend on the damage your skin has suffered to renew the top layers of your epidermis or dermis.

3 – IPL is fantastic for age spots and post summer acne prone skin.

4 – ND yag laser For red thread veins

5 – Botox October is the best time to have Botox as it will stop those wrinkles from moving and so prevent them from becoming worse and more visible. Remember during the summer months we move our facial muscles in excess to protect our eyes from the sun’s rays.

6 – Hyaluronic acid and Profhilo Hyaluronic acid comes in different viscosities. It can be used to hydrate the skin to give it a more youthful appearance, to fill the fine summer wrinkles or to restructure the deeper cheek wrinkles.

7 – Radiesse is calcium hydroxyapatite found in bones and teeth and encourages the production of collagen beneath the skin so is ideal for restructuring the skin around the cheeks – its’ effects last over 18 months.

8 – Threads If after the summer you start to feel as if your face has dropped and that you are beginning to look saggy, then threads will pull up those folds and give you your V shape back again.

9 – Home care with Retinol will help to encourage skin renewal but always check with your medical aesthetics specialist as to which percentage is the best for your skin. He/She will also advise you as to which medical creams are best for your skin condition.

Book an appointment with Dr Carolyn Carbasse at Zen Smile Spa our medical aesthetics specialist able to restore your skin after a summer or sun and late nights!

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