What is Cryolipolysis / Fat Freezing?
Our specialist cryolipolysis treatment is also known as fat freezing and cryolipo. This treatment uses advanced cooling technology which results in localised fat death and removal from your body. Clinical trials have confirmed that fat cells are killed when placed in certain cold conditions. This is because Fat cells crystallise when exposed to cold at certain temperatures for certain periods. Fat freezing is targeted by breaking down only the fat cells whilst not impacting all the other tissue like the skin, muscle and nerve fibres in the area that is being frozen. This is because they freeze at a much lower temperature than fat cells so are not effected by the temperatures we use.
For more details on the science see our what is cryolipolysis page.

Does Cryolipolysis / Fat Freezing really work?
Yes 100%, I was a client myself before I decided to offer the treatments and it 100% worked for me. There are many trials, celebrity reviews, doctor reviews and TV features that support the effectiveness of fat freezing cryolipo.
It is accepted among doctors and surgeons as one of the most effective non-invasive (no surgery) fat loss solutions, capable of losses between 20-45% of fat cells after a single cryolipo session.

How does Fat Freezing / Cryolipolysis work?
A cryolipo cup is placed on the selected area. The area is then cooled to a precise temperature for a pre defined period which is between 45 and 60 minutes depending on the fat thickness measured and other conditions.
As the fat cells in that area are cooled the fat cells crystallise and as a result no longer function in their usual way and breakdown using a process called Apoptosis via the bodies natural functions.
This process then results in the elimination of the fat cells without damage to the surrounding area, nerves or tissues, although it should be noted that there are some times some redness and bruising after a session.

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