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Every time we frown, squint or smile the skin is creased in the areas of greatest use. The more expressive you are the deeper the lines become. These expression lines include crow´s feet, worry lines and frown lines.
As we age, collagen production slows down and the problem accelerates as we are less able to repair the damage.
Botox temporarily blocks the nerve endings to the facial muscles ,relaxing them.By reducing muscle movement ,the skin stops creasing and is allowed to recover,causing the lines to soften and fade away thus taking years off the person’s face.

botox javea

AT ZEN SMILE SPA,   Vistabel Botox is used to relax the jaw muscles of bruxists(patients who grind their teeth) to ease wear of teeth,headaches and head/neck pain.
People have discovered that with a maintenance regime of fillers, botox, vitamins, they are putting off surgery to much later in life or simply preventing the necessity for surgery at all and in other cases maintaining the results of a minor face lift.

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Vistabel botox-juvederm-restylane- botox in javeaBotox javea

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